Our Team

Board of Directors


Anita Lewis - President


Eileen Remec -



Stamp, Michael.jpg

Michael Stamp - Treasurer


Lawrence, Margaret.jpg

Margaret Lawrence - Secretary


Board Members

Gough, Tom 12.jpg

Thomas Gough


Hoffmeier, Harold.jpg

Harold J. Hoffmeier, Jr.


Kasprzyk, Marcia 2018.jpg

Marcia Kasprzyk


Lewis, Veronica.jpg

Veronica Lewis


Kathryn Littleton



Stocum, Don.jpg

Donald Stocum


Lee Moran 2.jpg

Lee Moran



Thomas, Nancy.jpg

Nancy Thomas


David Ralph.jpg

David Ralph



Sisson, Margaret 32.jpg

Margaret Sisson



Our Team



Sean Eagen, Chief Executive Officer

Julie Bub, Chief Financial Officer

Ann Gerould, Chief Operating Officer for Programs

Lynn Greenwood, Chief Human Resource Officer

Olivia Kassoum-Amadou, Chief Strategy Officer

Missy Goetschius, Public Relations Director

Nikki May, Information Technology Director

Mary Therese Owen, Quality Enhancement Director
Shelley James, Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer


Executive Management Team

Pamela Overdurf, Director of Developmental Health Services

Stephanie Matkosky, Director of Residential Services

Jessica Smith, Director of Day Services

Wendy Shutter, Director of Business Services Division

Nicole Brown, Director of Vocational Supports

Kim Kenefick, Director of Nursing


Other Key Contacts

Maya Hu-Morabito, Director, START Region I

Judy Jarosch, Intake Coordinator

Dave Moore, Mobility Manager

Tessa Moore, Director of Facility Management

Mary Therese Owen, Incident Management, Regulatory, Corporate Compliance, and HIPAA 

Stacey Walburn, Family Reimbursement

Britt Woodhouse, Self-Advocacy

Donna Hill, Guardianship

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