Meet Lukas

Lukas 1.pngIn February of 2014, Lukas moved into one of our residences.  From his first day there, Lukas made it known that he planned to work hard and eventually move into his own apartment. He immediately began making positive choices in all aspects of his life.  Within six months, Lukas was already becoming more integrated in the community.
Next, public transportation training was an important step in Lukas’ gaining greater independence.  He began working at a local chain restaurant several days a week – an impossible feat without his training. Lukas felt like he could accomplish anything now!
Then, he began participating in the interview process at The Arc: assisting Human Resources and Management in applicants’ questioning, as well as selection and placement of newly hired staff.  Lukas knew what type of staff he liked working with, and he felt honored that his opinions were valued.  He began meeting with people in several other homes in the Residential Program to seek additional input from his peers about the staff that they desired.  Also, Lukas was asked to join The Arc’s Residential Committee and participated in reporting on staffing and retention to the committee.
Finally, in October of 2015, Lukas’ hard work paid off and he was given the opportunity to move into his own apartment. Upon leaving, Lukas said,

“I want to thank everyone who helped me work towards getting my own place! My support staff helped me with anything I needed. I will continue to work hard for everyone like you all did for me.”


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