Services for Employers

The vocational division of The Arc Chemung-Schuyler works with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to provide training and develop the necessary skills to find, and maintain, meaningful employment.  


Diversify Your Workforce

Every employer has the potential to employ a person with a disability. We have a training and employment program that works with more than 30 local businesses in Chemung and Schuyler Counties who employ individuals with disabilities. 


Assist in Customizing Jobs and Help You Make Reasonable Adjustments

We will meet with you to determine your expectations through what we call a Community Based assessment. This process assists both the employer and the employee to determine which individuals would be a good match for your job. We prescreen applicants to ensure workers have a definable job skill, proper motivation and the desire to excel in their employment.


No Cost Job Coaching and Follow-Along Services

Our highly skilled job coaches are available to assist you with training needs to ensure satisfaction and add to the success of your business. We will provide continued job coach support for the duration of the individual’s employment. 

What can The Arc Chemung-Schuyler offer your business?

Our services include: 


Businesses that hire an individual with a developmental disability may be able to receive tax incentives from the State (WOTC and WETC) as well as the Federal Government (LTFA, Disabled Acess Tax Credit, and Architectural Transportation Barrier Removal Deduction).

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