Supported Employment

Supported Employment

Provides multiple avenues for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to prepare for and become successful members of the workforce community.

  • Community and vocational assessments

  • Job placement

  • Supported employment

  • On-site job training experiences

  • Programs are available to help enhance social skills and prepare for the supported work that affords individuals with special needs the opportunity to prepare for competitive employment.


Once it is determined that the potential employee is able to complete the necessary job tasks, the Employment Specialist will continue to meet with the employer and employee, as needed, to ensure the individual continues to meet the expectations of the job. Should job responsibilities change or the individual receives a promotion, the Employment Specialist will assist the employer with training the individual in their new responsibilities. The employer will be providing a paycheck to the employee, just like any other individual who works at the job site, not through the program.


Benefits to Participants

  • The opportunity to earn competitive wages

  • Careful matching of the individual to the job

  • Lifelong access to an Employment Training Specialist

  • The opportunity to make new friends

  • The development of self-esteem that comes from holding a job

Benefits to Employers

  • Pre-Screen Applicants, Interview, and Train

  • Offer Reliable and Dependable Employees

  • Provide Ongoing Job Coaching and Follow-Along Services

  • Reduce Your Training Costs

  • Offer Federal Targeted Job Tax Credits

  • Provide You with Peace of Mind


Applicant Screening

Our staff prescreen applicants to ensure workers have a definable job skill, proper motivation, and the desire to excel in their employment. This is done by assessing the prospective employee's work skills, aptitudes, and learning style.


No Cost Job Coaching and Follow-Along Services

Our highly skilled job coaches are available to assist you with your training needs, to ensure satisfaction and add to the success of your business. We will provide continued job coach support for the duration of the individual’s  employment. 


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) provides Employers with tax savings, per worker, as an incentive to hire job seekers with barriers to employment. Created by the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, the WOTC applies to new Employees hired after September 30, 1996.  Workers with Disabilities (WETC) is another tax credit independent of WOTC.  Long-Term Family Assistance (LTFA) are one of three possible federal tax credits. the other two are Disabled Access and Architectural Transportation Barrier Removal Deduction.


Our Staff

Our staff includes professionals trained to work effectively with the employer community, as well as with the people seeking employment. Many have several years experience in the job placement arena and are well connected to the employment and training opportunities available within our community.

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